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What is Blockchain? Blockchain refers to the method by which transactions are recorded in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ecosystems. It’s basically a very large array of computers spread out (decentralized) all over the planet that record every transaction in the galaxy every 10 minutes. When greater than 50% of the computers agree that the record (ledger) is correct, a Block of Data is created, stamped with a Security Hash and permanently appended to the end of the Blockchain. You cannot change or hide the transaction, it is there for all to see  forever on BlockChain Explorer . What you cannot see, is WHO made the transaction unless you already know who the wallet owner is. It is a false notion that Bitcoin has more criminals and crimes committed with it than when using $USD (Cash). If you conduct business and live life legally, you can absolutely remain anonymous.

DB Crypto can build and integrate a payment system that fits your business needs. Consider replacing the Visa Network for your direct to consumer retail payment system with a blockchain solution at only a 1% operating fee. More on this in another section below.

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World Class High Performance Compute Platforms

DB Crypto started when the team accepted a design challenge from a curious colleague. We then engineered and delivered the world’s highest Megahash per second ERC 20 cryptocurrency miner with the lowest Watt per Megahash. We partnered with ASROCK, ASUS, SAPPHIRE, and AMD to make this happen. The Record still Stands today.

DB Crypto is now working with Intel, AMD, SuperMicro, and NVIDIA to deliver the Highest performance large scale AI Compute Nodes for Artificial Intelligence (AI)  Simulation & Modeling.  If you are a university or company that has AI Compute needs but feel AI compute costs exceed your budget, please reach out and we can either create a shared cluster with like-minded universities or put you in contact with some existing partners that may allow you to rent some compute time during their windows of inactivity.

We build custom nodes for AI modeling. We also build fully managed, assisted, or self-managed installations for Bitcoin mining. We partner with Bitmain and other leading suppliers for Bitcoin miners and integrate them into warehouses or shipping containers for on site or remote site Bitcoin mining.

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Crypto Consulting-  BTC Lightning Nodes Bitcoin Bootcamps

When friends and colleagues start talking Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin do your eyes glass over wondering what they are talking about? Is your company making strategic decisions without fully understanding the variables related to how Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency impacts your companies business model? Do you have people pitching ideas about NFTs, creating your own company Token (ICO), or investing in Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation? DB Crypto is available by Zoom or on site for face to face meetings, in groups or on a one to one basis.

How about being your own community bank? Setting up a Bitcoin Lightning Node for your friends, family, church, and community is one of the greatest services you can provide. You can also make a little money running the node from your home, place of business , or house of worship.

Boot Camps are created on a case by case basis and are tailored to the audience. Great for Offsite Team Building events. 30 Minute interactive presentation followed by BBQ or open bar for example. We do not sell or market anything at these events. No Crypto, No Bitcoin, No Servers, nothing at all. This is an information dump for newbies and a brainstorming session for closet DogeCoin holders. Do Not Buy Dogecoin!

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About DB Crypto

The DBC-328 started it all. 256 MH/s at 1080 Watts total system power which still leads the world in stable performance per watt in this type of system. Watt = power, power = money in terms of cost per Kilowatt hour consumed. DB Crypto created the highest performing production Ethereum (ETH) Miner at the lowest 4.218 Watts per Megahash in the industry. A record that still stands to this day. We started with a Windows Vista based system using the Claymore mining software (If you are familiar with history you will be laughing at/with us now). We quickly morphed into  a custom encrypted Linux Ubuntu 20.03 LTS OS with our own optimized mining application and a GPU BIOS Tuning Suite. Never leave Nerds alone with a refrigerator full of beer and a bare bones server on a Friday Evening…Mondays become very interesting.

The team came together from a variety of locations, US, EU, ASIA, and varied companies, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, but we all share a common passion-


How We Work

When you engage with us, you engage with the team. Our 1 hour (or so) first Consultation is absolutely free. Send an email to and summarize what your project is about or what you are thinking of doing. If Blockchain and Cryptocurrency are still a bit unclear to you or your team, tell us about your business model and we can brainstorm ideas for how Blockchain technology can help improve your business operations. Blockchain does not solve everything, but there are compelling solutions for legacy retail businesses that can improve operating margins significantly. If Blockchain does not match your business model, we will tell you that so you don’t have to waste time trying to force it.

If your needs are more hardware based, we can custom build systems based on your specific requirements. We can also assist you on a monthly consulting basis if you are working with large global or smaller local distributors/suppliers. As we tend to buy in volume we may be able to help bundle your build with our other customer orders and enable everyone to  achieve lower acquisition costs. 

What’s it Cost?

Once we engage we charge a flat rate monthly engagement fee. This covers the cost of the entire team while we determine exactly what is needed for your project.The engagement fee is $7,500 per month and covers all of the experts that are advising your team. There IS a limit in terms of total hours per month for the engagement, but you are typically getting 3-5 content area experts for 40-80 hours per month each for the first month or so. That allows us to deliver a detailed proposal that includes deliverables, and milestones. That works out to about $23 per hour of experienced content expert. After the initial period, we have specific area project managers herding the cats and driving schedules.

Engineering work, such as Software, Firmware, Applications,  Mechanical, and Industrial design is a separate charge that usually runs between $150-$250 Per Man hour. Engineering work is quoted up front in terms of man-hours needed and time to project completion. This is delivered as a firm cost and schedule project quotation and must be pre-approved by you before any actual work begins.

Bitcoin Mining

We mentioned Bitcoin mining briefly above. Bitcoin mining is a achieved when a person, group, or large enterprise is running computers to calculate the correct security Hash on the latest blockchain block. The hashrate is how fast an individual machine, the pool of machines, or the entire world-wide collection of Bitcoin mining machines is running in parallel. On Feb 26th at 00:00 UTC  the global hash rate was 724 EH/s (Exahash per second or 724 Quintillion hashes per second). The first machine to complete the calculation has the highest probability of being in the top 50% to be rewarded with Bitcoin for participating in the blockchain ledger validation.

Gordon Moore would be proud of Satoshi Nakamoto For taking Moore’s Law to Warp Factor 10. Law to warp factor 10.

DB Crypto can provide you with in depth and detailed analysis on which machines to buy (even used ones) and what the ROI, breakeven, payback, and profitability will be over a 2 year investment window for any Bitcoin miner, its deployment environment, and other significant risk/reward factors you cannot get from Cryptocompare websites.


ERC 20 Payment Systems

How do Visa Payment systems operate? They take your money, store it for a period of time, collect interest on it, while charging you and your customer 3% (each) for the privilege of letting them hold your money. We won’t go into chargebacks, fraud, liability etc. Visa adds 6% to the cost of doing business.  

What if we were to use an ERC 20 Blockchain payment system to replace Visa? What would it look like for say a gas station business?

Your customer would have an application where they could directly transfer value (money e.g. $USD) into an account. They would use that account to pay for discounted gas, while receiving reward points (value). You as a business owner could operate the payment system for less than 1% where you used to have to pay 6% of your Gross revenue. You reward customers because you are saving and adding 5% of your gross revenue to your bottom line. Suppliers also benefit if they participate as they have instant payment for their goods. With Visa, Oil companies must wait as long as 75 days to be paid.

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